Staking helps the ZAX ecosystem. Stake your ZAX tokens and earn staking rewards.

Minimum: 0.01 ZAX
Daily Rewards: 0.50%
Maximum Rewards: 200%

Referral Commission: 7 Levels
(10%, 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 3%)

Earning Bonus: 2 Levels


Whenever ZAX tokens are staked, it gets burned and the total supply is reduced. The staking rewards, referral commissions and the earning bonuses are minted from the smart contract. Each stake is considered as new stake and you will earn staking rewards for every stake. You will get referral commissions up to 7 levels, only if you have 7 direct referrals. If you have 2 or more direct referrals, you will get earning bonus, which is 10 percentage of your referral's earnings up to 2 levels. To prevent people abusing the system, the smart contract has the following withdrawal restrictions: 1) You are allowed to withdraw only once in 24 hours. 2) The maximum withdrawal limit of 24 hours is 1x your total staked amount. Even if you have more earnings, only 1x your total staked amount will be withdrawn. 3) The maximum total withdrawal limit is 5x your total staked amount. Even if you have more earnings, only up to 5x your total staked amount can be withdrawn. If your earnings are more than 5x your total staked amount and if you have already withdrawn 5x your total staked amount, you can "TOP-UP" and increase your withdrawal limits. When you click "TOP-UP", it will deduct 20 percent of your earnings and add it to the total staked amount which will increase your withdrawal limit. However, you will not earn staking rewards for the amount you add as the "TOP-UP" to your staked amount.

Disclaimer: Crypto is highly rewarding as well as risky. Please do not invest or stake anything that you cannot afford to lose. This staking program is completely decentralized.

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